The Borough of Havant’s Interactive Timeline

The Spring launched its new interactive timeline in February 2012. Come along and learn about the History of the Borough, see the original workhouse bell from the Havant Poor House and learn about the seige of Warblington Castle through the brass rubbings designed in collaboration with the pupils of Warblington Secondary School.

Travel through time on Automata Artist, Tom Bennett’s, Hayling Billy train!

The 14 foot Billy Line automata takes you along the rails over the 100 years history of the Billy Lines existence and you can hear the sound the real Hayling Billy made.


Moving through History

Tom Bennett is an artist based in southern England specialising in automata art. He has produced a number of commissions connected for heritage and museum projects and the hospital service.

He has created a range of mechanical and interactive artwork for The Spring:

The Hayling Billy Train Line

The Donation Cabinet

The Water Project


Come along and watch the Hayling Billy train travel along its tracks or turn the water wheel and see the Emsworth oysters!