HLF: Handling Collection

During our HLF funded three years we have been able to spend some much needed time on our wonderful and varied Handling Collection.

The Spring’s handling collection is made up of a large collection of items which have been donated to us over the years by members of our community. The items in our care may not be necessarily old, rare or valuable, but they are each very telling of our local culture and our society. Each item has a story behind it, who owned it, where was it made, what was it used for and how much did it cost?

Over the past few years we have been able to dedicate time, effort and passion into re-organising this wonderful collection. Now the handling collection is catalogued, numbered, labelled and organised into groups.

For example we have the Spring clothing and accessory collection houses some fascinating items such as three pairs of un-worn CC41 stamped stockings from WWII…


The Spring kitchen collection, which holds over 30 items varying from 30 to 100 years old, each at some point in history were used by everyday people in every day kitchens. Here are some examples…



Our Spring Royal collection consists of a range of memoribilia, print and keepsakes from the reigns of various Monarchs from Queen Victoria to our own Elizabeth II…


Above: Penny Postage card from 1890

Below: Coronation of Elizabeth II programme from 1953


We also have an interesting range of items in our Spring Medicinal collection such as these bottles and containers donated by the daughter of a local pharmacist…



We also have a range of photographs and postcards from our local areas past…


Above: a collection of photographs that tell the story of over 100 years of history of one local family.


Our collection is ever growing and is a continuous project, but the HLF fund has enabled us to professionalise the cataloguing system and to have the items organised efficiently so that we can now start renting the collections to Schools, Colleges, Universities and those intrested in using the items for research.