Comments & Complaints

Customer Comments and Complaints Procedure

We really want to know what you think about your visit to The Spring and we welcome both positive and negative feedback. Comments and complaints are used to improve our services and positive feedback is shared with funders and visitors to help secure our future. Most importantly though, we want to make your experience of The Spring the best it can be.

There are four main ways customers are invited to leave feedback:

1. Directly to a member of staff
You are welcome to approach a member of staff at any time to discuss your experience of The Spring. Any complaints or problems will be managed by the Duty Manager who will prioritise working out the issue. Any anecdotal feedback received – both positive and negative – is recorded and regularly reviewed by The Director and the staff.

2. Via the website and social media
Feedback made through the website (, twitter and facebook comes directly to The Spring’s Marketing Manager. It is then passed on to The Director if a response is required. Feedback made in this way undergoes the same recording and reporting processes as any other comments.

3. Via our Comments Sheets
Our comments sheets are always available to collect all kinds of feedback about any aspect of The Spring’s work. There is an option to leave contact details if you would like a response.

4. Via project or event specific feedback forms
We occasionally ask audience members, participants or visitors to complete feedback forms. These relate to a particular event and are used when we want to know how you feel about specific work we are doing.

Comments or complaints that require immediate attention should be directed towards the Duty Manager. They will do their utmost to resolve any problems immediately.

If feedback is of a general nature or if the customer wishes, it will be passed to Sophie Fullerlove, Director of The Spring. If the comment requires a response then Sophie will, where possible, do so within 5 working days. If Sophie is away from the building another member of staff shall contact the customer to let them know when a response can be expected.

All feedback that is collected is filed along with any responses from The Spring. This helps us track problems and ensure the Customer Comments and Complaints Procedure is working effectively. Positive feedback may be published and used by The Spring for marketing and fundraising purposes.

Customer comments and complaints are regularly reviewed by the Trustees of The Spring.

Please do talk to us and share your experience of The Spring.

Sophie Fullerlove
Centre Director